The automated process control system is based on modern microprocessor hardware with an increased level of efficiency of control and protection of mine lifting installations in the coal and mining industry.

The device for setting and controlling movement with a remote control of a mine lifting machine is designed for automatic, automated and manual control of mine lifting machines of all types, including multi-channel, single-drum and two-drum underground installations.

The device for setting and controlling movement with the control panel of the mine lifting machine performs the following functions: - continuous monitoring of the vessel speed throughout the cycle, i.e. acceleration, full speed, deceleration, creeping speed with the inclusion of a safety brake when the controlled parameters go beyond the set ranges;

- emergency stop monitoring;
- control of rope slip/breakage;
- compensation of rope extraction;
- control of the movement of lifting vessels beyond the set end positions and protection against over-lifting (over-lowering) with the inclusion of a safety brake;
- reverse protection;
- monitoring the current position of lifting vessels in the mine shaft with the issuance of signals at specified points of the path;
- self-monitoring of speed limiter channels;
- control of the lifting drive; - control of the working and safety braking; - visualization of the actual values of the monitored parameters and the results of self-monitoring.
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