MT SIMAG Rus LLC provides services for the development of design and technical documentation for mining equipment based on the initial technical requirements of the customer.
The main direction of the design department is the development of projects of non-standard mining equipment. Professionalism and individual approach to each object allows us to guarantee the receipt of a unique project that most fully and accurately meets the requirements of the customer. Design solutions are always based on the use of only modern and high-quality materials, respectively, each completed project fully meets the requirements of world standards.
Development work includes the following main stages:

1. Analysis of the terms of reference (TOR);
2. Development of a draft project;
3. Development of a technical description;
4. Development of design documentation;
5. Product manufacturing;
6. Conducting factory tests;
7. Implementation at the customer's enterprise and author's supervision.

The entire volume of design documentation is developed in the program of three—dimensional parametric modeling of objects of great complexity - Autodesk Inventor. The models of parts and products created in Autodesk Inventor are accurate digital 3D prototypes that allow a comprehensive study of the behavior of products in real conditions as they are developed. The minimal need for physical prototypes and the possibility of detecting errors at the early stages of design allow you to save a significant amount of time and money even before the product is put into production.
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