LLC «МТ SIMAG Rus» after the delivery of the equipment renders services on maintenance of assembly and of putting into operation thereof.

Range of services on maintenance of the equipment assembly (erection supervision) and of putting into operation thereof (adjustment supervision) includes the following

* Specialist advice of the buyer in the run of the project definition of the work performance;
* Preparation of the erection and adjustment schedule;
* Organizational alignment related to the assembly and the adjustment activities;
* Providing technical preparation of the project, realization thereof;
* Controlling the assembly and adjustment accuracy;
* Commissioning control, putting into operation of the subscribed capacities;
* Completing erection and adjustment supervision by making an act of the accomplished works and the installation acceptance by the customer.

Erection and adjustment works are to be carried out by the skilled professionals that is critical to the smooth operation of the equipment within the lifetime of the equipment application according to the technical specifications, that guarantees timely service in case of malfunctions.
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